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Bobbi Brown Brow Kit

Hello , If you follow me on Instagram @imsobeautifulq8 , you may or not have noticed that I post alot photos of brow products , brow pencils , rectactable ones and powders . Also you should really know that Im a brunette , but an ashy brunette type and not a chocolate brown type . So I always hunt for ones that have grayish undertoned brow products .
السلام عليكم هذا رفيو للحواجب من بوبي براون لون سادل و ماهوقني لونهم بني على رمادي و هادي جدا .. الي عاليسار فاتح و اليمين غامق . القوطي ايي مع ملقط و فرشة بس ما استخدمهم لانه حجمهم قصير ماعرف جذي .الالوان يقعدون ليه بالليل و حبيت الالوان ان يقعدون
And this product is brown but has a slight grayish color on the left ( Saddle ) , and a deeper brown on the right ( Mahogany ) .Usually I use only Saddle , and sometimes I mix them together for an instense bushy brows . Basically that is what I need for everyday , I dont use the brow brush and tweezer that comes with it .
انا احب حواجب كبيره بس طبعا الي شكلهم طبيعي بدون اشكال هندسية و خطوط . احب الي يبينون انهم صجيين مو تاتو . طبعا مع هذا احس شكلي طبيعي وايد حبيته و مع اشعة الشمس ما يلمع نفس القلم للحواجب لانه الاقلام شوي فيهم شمع و لا يطلع لون احمر و علشان جذي استخدم قلم و فوقه هذا . كنت استخدم واحد بس خلص من بفرلي هلز بس الحين من ماك ..
Im a fan of big brows look and ofcourse a fan of this duo , these are long lasting , have a good color payoff , and gives a natural look . I dont feel weird with it because of the mute shade . It has no red , orange or copper like other brow powders . Its very easy to fake my brow arch without looking fake .
اللون الي عاليمين استخدمه اكثر للزاوية و اخلطه مع اللون الثاني
I usually start my brows with Anastasia B H brow wiz in the shade Medium ash to draw and define my brows , but its emptied now so Im using MAC brow pencil in Lingering which is a very natural shade , then I apply the duo on top for more intense color .

Thank you for reading 💖
I cannot go out without it ,




Colour Riche Favourite lipsticks

Let me introduce you to L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipcolour . Its a creamy formula line , that has intense hydration . I have bought them because they are enriched with Omega 3 , Vitamin E and argan oil which explains why they feel so comfortable on the lips . These lipsticks are perfect for everyday , they are not the type that stays in place , they need to be re applied again . Sorry but they are so practical and hydrating that I bought four shades .

Since these arent much long lasting , when I drink water or eat , the lip colour goes but leaves a stain on my lips . Which I like .. Im very impressed because of the formula and retail price .

I love how the nudes from L’oreal does not wash out my face , usually other nudes look like a concealer on my lips .




The collection exclusive by Jlo and Julianna have the same exact formula but have a different packaging .

Love the JLO the best xx

Thank you



My body and fragrance products for winter

Its not getting cold as much as other countries , but its getting cooler gradually , and skin is getting dryer , and I no longer want fruity fragrances which is a sign .. that its winter and im so excited .
I love hunting creamy wash , and I got mine from Sultan Center exclusively , St Ives indulgent coconut milk . Well I dont feel dry after this one , smells like coconut and its so hydrating .

For few years , I have been using my Laura Mercier Ambre Vanilla Body butter which goes very well after a shower , following my Chanel N 5 Body spray . I dont always use the Chanel , depends on my mood . I am also loving musk by Alqurashy . Its a rich musk that feels like the old Jovan but even better . Its more beautiful and fresh for the mornings .

Tom Ford white patchouly is my all time favourite perfume that goes well with the musk . I simply love this .

My Argan oil that I mixed with the Oud . I heated the body shop waxy argan oil ( hair and body ) and then poured an oud oil of mine . And this way the smell stays all day . The oil preserves any fragrance and keeps it for a longer period . Love the idea , I kept it in a container and been using it every day!!

Iluma By Image Skincare , is a brightening body cream . I use this on my knees , stretch marks and spots . Love the hand cream too .

The Body Shop wooden message balls makes me relax ..and the exfoliator towel is for my legs . My legs are so dry so exfoliating them , then applying oil on them will help them hydrated .

Thanks for reading , I know these are many products , But I love them so much 💖




Lip Care products

We are now suffering from lipsticks that wont go away , unlike few years ago when we wanted lipsticks that stay longer and we had to re apply lipsticks every 2 hours .

Long wear lipsticks are comfortable , now , they are creamier thn the ones in the past , but they dry out my lips later on .

So heres what I use ;

Vaseline lip therapy , these are my favourite lip balms , I always wear them before lipsticks , I wear them all day!

At the end of the day , I remove My lipsticks or lipstick excess using my Sephora Ultimate Oil in Gel lipstick remover . I keep it on my lips for 30 seconds then I remove it with a tissue and apply a lip balm later . It removes the excess of the lipstick gentley without drying it . It takes care of the lips , moisturises it as it has oil in it .

My lip scrub by Sara Happ , in the flavour Blood Orange . I apply the scrub into my lips and rub it with my finger .. then remove it . My lips become so smooth , I do this at night when I exfoliate my face . Its really yummy and fun . I really loved the result of this scrub . when Im done , I apply the Vaseline lip therapy .
I do this every 4 days 💖

Thanks for reading!



Nars Audacious in Vera and Rimmel # 29

If you love a rich berry lipstick , then you will love both . We still do not have Nars in Kuwait , And I love Nars Audacious lipsticks and especially in the shade Vera !

The pigmentation of Vera gives a good coverage with one single swipe , plus it isnt too matte and the formula is comfortable on the lips because I feel its a bit creamy and feels great on the lips . What I also love that its a long lasting line and the packaging is Matte black and magnetic. Love it and all the shades with this line although I have just 4 of them 😫

Now the #Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick # 29 is a similar shade but has a brighter berry shade , A little less coverage , but the shade is so beautiful , comfortable on the lips . Its a creamy matte lipstick as well with a Black packaging with Kate Moss signature ( cute ) .

But I need to apply it carefully and have to add layers to even out the lips . Unlike the Nars with one swipe you are so done .



Favourites shades from Lorac Pro Palette


I didnt use much this palette but I loved these four shades . Mauve is beautiful on the crease.


Moisturisers of this month!

Its very funny how much I change my face moisturisers just like my lipsticks , but my skin gets used to my moisturisers so I switch on weekly basis some serums and moisturisers and toners . Just to give my skin more moisture and goodness of many products . I know its crazy but I am having good results .

Eau Thermale Avene Hydrance cream for very dry sensitive skin is my favourite face cream . Its really hydrating that it feels like water , my skin is literarily drinking water , so light but straight to the point . Its not greasy but hydrates my dehydrated skin like no other face creams . It has protection , Thermal water and does not irritate my skin .

Olay Total effects 7 in one moisturiser and serum duo spf 20
Now skip the name , I think its rubbish but the face cream itself is good . It hydrates my skin and when I touch my skin an hour later , it feels very soft . The only part that I dont like is that its thick that when I blend it into my skin , my hand needs more energy lol . But its good for dry skin , not for normal skin at all .

Caudalie Vinosource Moisture Recovery cream for dry skin
I use this is as a night cream and its so good because it keeps my skin so soft and when I wake up my face feels great and hydrated . A good mild cream for dry skin . I use it after my Caudalie Vinosource Serum . An amazing product . I think vinosource comes from Vine or wine ( red grapes ? ) Comment please if I was wrong .

Thanks for reading
Alia xo

ثلاث كريمات عجبوني هالشهر و اولهم

آفين مع حماية ٢٠
وايد زين للبشرة الجافة الحساسة .. مثل بشرتي تماما و هالكريم فيه ماي ثيرمل الي ياي من المطر و مار على صخور معدنية .. وايد حلو لما احطه على بشرتي كأنه البشرة تشرب ماي خفيف حق الصبح لكن ترطيبه حلو و يكفي .. انصح حق البشرة الجافة حق الصبح

اولي سيروم مع مرطب و حماية ٢٠ كاتبين ان يسوي ٧ اشياء بس خلو الي مكتوب احس مبالغة و جربوه يرطب زين للبشرة الجافة بس شوي دسم و يحتاج وقت اكثر للدمج على البشرة .. لكن عقبها بساعة لما اجيس بشرتي تكون ناعمة و زينه يطول ترطيبه لا باس منه و سعره حلو ..

كودليه كريم فينوسورس ما فيه حماية استخدمه بالليل قبل النوم و لما اقعد الصبح بشرتي تكون ناعمة و زينه و هالكريم من العنب مسوينه و وايد زين للتجاعيد المفروض .. انا حسيت بتحسن وايد

شكرا على القراءة



Cool weather , tinted moisturisers and others

Hello ,

I havent posted for a very long time , because I was so busy sorry! Its getting cooler in Kuwait , and the weather is perfect . But my skin is getting dryer day by day so I started to use tinted moisturisers ..

My two tinted moisturisers are Nars Pure Radiant tinted moisturiser SPF 30 . Its hydrating and has a medium cover . What I love about it when I forget to apply my primer or mousturiser , I wont feel that I missed something anyway . Because it has the moisture and protection . I use the shade St Moritz .

My other tinted moisturiser is from Chanel Les Beiges All in one Healthy Glow Fluid Spf 15 .

It has a beautiful color that gives me a good glow , a light coverage that Im not a fan of but the finished look is wow !! Whenever I see a great photo of myself , I find out that I was wearing this tinted moisturiser . It gives my cheeks a peachy glow , but a good shade on my other parts of my skin . Its strange but looks so healthy . I recommend this for people with fair skin that need a bronzed boost .

My Primer Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Hydrating . Its a light based primer which I think keeps my tinted moisturiser looking more plumped , stay longer and very light . I chose this oil free primer because I already have my serums and moisteriser on my skin before so All I need is to prime it without greasy finished look .

And finally MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder in the shade Medium Plus . When you have a very dry skin , you dont want a thick powder . All you need is a light mineral powder that will set your makeup , gives you another layer of coverage when you use a light coverage foundation without a cakey looking look . Its my current favourite powder for my T zone area summer time but now I have been using this all pver my face just for a color . I took a shade darker than mine to use it as bronzer and as a powder .

So what have you been wearing this season? Are you having a dryer skin like me?

مع الجو البارد بشرتي صارت جافة بس الحمدلله قاعده احاول اعتني فيها و رجعت استخدم الكريم التنتد بدل الفاونديشن نارس و شانيل لانه يرطبون و فيهم حماية و حتى بالشتا نحتاج حماية حتى بشرتنا ما تتصبغ ..

البرايمر من سماشبوكس ازرق يرطب و لكن بدون زيت .. انا صج بشرتي جافة لكن استخدم كريماتي اول شي و ما احتاج برايمر وايد يرطب فاخترب بدون زيت علشان ما يدهن البشرة و يخلي الفاونديشن فترة اطول على بشرتي ..

بودر ماك مينيرل خذيت اللون ميديم بلس اغمج من بشرتي العادية .. بالصيف استخدمه كبودر على مناطق تي زون بس و الحين على ويهي كله لانه يعطيني لون حلو … بالصيف استخدم برونزر اقوى بس الحين مع البراد صرت مو زود مع برونزرات بس كونتور و بلش ..البلش هذا ممتاز لكل بشرات

شكرا 💖




October favourites

October favourites

Caudalie face care
$46 –

Nars cosmetic


Lorac Palette 2

I really never had Lorac palettes before until I my friend Danah Alfares from Kuwait , A nail artist and beauty blogger started raving about them for months that I had to take them, and not only her but also all youtubers , blogs and my followers . Finally I added them to my bag and they were beautiful , most pigmented palette ever , and here they are all mine lol . I know I shouldnt swatch Lorac 2 before 1 but wait and see why I love the second a little more ..I promise ill swatch the first palette later ..

First of all , it has nudes , and a variety colors like Plum , Navy blue , Jade and rosegold . All these shades I desire and love . But my fave is the shade Chrome , its so similar to MAC satin taupe but much smoother I guess . It coordinates with the plums and grays .



Now after looking at some swatches , You can understand why I loved it , this palette is good enough to take it everywhere because it got all the shades in one place .
Thanks for reading

Alia xx



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