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What I did last night to get a tanned face?

Hello , Hope you enjoyed the weekend

I have been trying this Face Lotion Self Tanner by ST Tropez all week . So I remembered that I should exfoliate my skin before that , so I cleansed my skin with Avene cold cream gentle cleanser and used The Body Shop exfoliater sponge to clean and exfoliate my face . This gentle cleanser is a favourite of mine because it does not dry out my skin at all .
السلام عليكم ان شاء الله استانستو بنهاية الاسبوع

امس استخدمت سلف تانر مسمر البشرة و لكن بكتب الخطوات الي سويتها قبل لا احطه .
استخدمت غسول آفين للوجه و فركت فيه باسفنجة بودي شوب علشان ازيل الخلايا الميتة و بعدين السلف تانر يشتغل احسن . كانت الاسفنجة قوية و لكن ما استخدمها كل يوم .. و تبون الصج ترا عجيبة لو تشوفون امس شكثر شالتلي المكياج قلبت لونها برتقالي من المكياج ..
The sponge was rough but I wont do this on a daily basis . But the sponge turned orangey as it removed the makeup . I really like this!!

و بعدين لما غسلت و نشفت ويهي حطيت كولد كريم للترطيب من نفس الماركة آفين متوفرة بكل الصيدليات بالكويت .
So the next step was the Cold cream , I applied it after washing and drying my face . Its a very thick cream that can be used for face and body .
و اخيرا استخدمت السلف تانر الي من سان تروبيز للوجه و اليوم قعدت ويهي شوي مسمر 👌👏
And finally applied the self tanner after the cold cream . This self tanner has a lotion so it moisturises the skin but I prefer that I apply a different cream before self tanners to avoid dryness .

Woke up with a mild tan and a little glowing color . Live this self tanner as it isnt orange nor too dark .



Top 5 foundations for dry skin

1 – Nars tinted moisturizer with spf 30 is my repurchased item because I had a beautiful experience with this formula as it moisturizers my skin very well that if I forget applying a moisterizer, my face will still look great , the flawless , fresh look for the mornings . It’s the only tinted moisturizer that gives a better coverage , glow , moisture and good amount of protection. I use St Mortiz . P.S I had compliments when I use this .

2- Armani luminous skin foundation is a good foundation for dry skin because it has a luminous finish look but it’s not the shiny type . I feel it gives my skin an image that my skin is well taken care of . I use this for evenings because it does not have sun protection . This can be used daily but I’m saving this for weddings or any event . It has medium coverage but can be buildable . It’s a winner because of the finished look but that does not give moisture .

3- Nars sheer glow foundation is a full coverage foundation , it gives a big time glowing look and covers imperfections very well especially the dry areas . It has no protection so I keep this for evenings . If you have scars this will cover it .

4- MAC Minieralize moisture foundation with SPF 15 is my new foundation that feels so light on the skin , has medium coverage but we cannot build the coverage . I tried to apply another layer of this and it gave me a dewy flawless look but coverage stayed the same . I am using this for the mornings with my MAC mineralize concealer . This is perfect for dry skin because the moisture keeps my skin hydrated , and my tight lines were less visible because of it . 5 stars I wish I knew this before .

5- Laura Mercier silk Creme foundation is a heavy creamy foundation that I use on cold winter days when I will have a super dry skin . But I’ll give you a warning message : Don’t use this for summer as this will melt and feel ugly . This is a medium to full coverage and it is not a tinted moisturizer . It has no protection but looks so beautiful . I mean it very beautiful lol .



Velvet lips , Dewy Fae


Dewy face , Velvet lips .

The balm Mary Lou manizer , Dream touch by Maybelline ( creme blush ) Rimmel scandal eyes silver eyeliner , and Bourjois lipstick # 36

The lips should have All the attention so only silver added on the lids and a mascara , peachy color on the cheeks .
I love playingbbwith textures :)

لمعة على البشرة و حمرة مخملية . الدمع المخملي مع اللمعة يعطي جمال اكثر 💞

Alia xo


Clinique take the day off makeup remover

Is this Clinique makeup remover better than Bioderma?

I cannot compare these two together because each of them complete each other as I use both together . Here’s why ..
انا استخدم بيودرما مع الكلينيك قبل لا اغسل ويهي لان بشرتي حساسة و لازم انظف المكياج عدل .

I have a sensitive skin so sleeping with makeup on will break me out and Bioderma H2O , cleanses my makeup away before washing my face. Somehow it fails to remove waterproof eyeliners and mascaras .
للاسف البيودرما ما يشيل الكحل ضد الماء و يطيح الرموش شوي .. صرت استخدمه بس على بشرتي ..وايد زين للبشرة و لكل انواع البشرات ..
Plus , My lashes fall out from the Bioderma . As far as Bioderma on my skin only then Im okay with it . I prefer Clinique take the day off makeup remover to remove the stubborn eyeliner and mascaras ever . It keeps my under eye area moisturized but not so oily , then it dries 5 minutes later . And thats the part Im loving where it wont dry my skin .
شريت من كلينيك مزيل مكياج العين بنفسجي حجمه صغير علشان اجرب و طلع ممتاز يشيل كلً شي .. و يرطب منطقة العين لانه زيتي و لكن راح ينشف بعدين .. احب هالمنتجات الي ما تجفف البشره و تعتني فيها و تناسب البشرة الحساسة .. استخدمه بعد للتصحيح مرات اغلط لما احط كحل . و السبب الي حبيته ان يزيل الكحل و الماسكارا ضد الماء . و يزيل الارواج و ترطب الشفايف .
Its so gentle on the lashes , eyes and lips as well . I bought a travel sized bottle but Im looking forward to buy a larger one .
استخدموه مع قطن بس لازم يكون مخلوط قبل الاستخدام مو منفصل .
How to use it?

Just shake it before using it , applying it with a cotton .
هالمنتج راح اشتريه مره ثانية بس الحجم الكبير

Thank you for reading





Lancome Grandiose Mascara





So is this the world’s best Mascara?

Not really but I love it so much . First , This has a beautiful packaging , so chic and has a transparent cover on top , looks like a Vase with a flower . But thats not the reason I love it .

This mascara is unique , has a swan like wand that can be switched for in / outside lashes , whatever makes you comfortable you can switch the wand upside down , theres no rules . You can also use the tip of the wand to seperate lashes .

It has a black colored formula that makes your lashes defined enough , but without volume , just length and a lift . You can skip the eyelash curler because with two coats of it , your lashes can look like curled .

This isnt a waterproof mascara but its long lasting , and can be easily removed with any makeup remover .

If it only gives Volume , I would give it 10/10 , but I give this 9/10 .

هذي الماسكارا جدا ممتازة و من احلى الماسكارات ، اول شي شكلها حلو من برا الغطاء شفاف و كأنها مزهرية من برة مع وردة بس لما تقتحينها تشبه الوزه لانه فرشتها منحنية .

و هذا مو سبب اني احبها ..

لازم اشرح ليش احبها و بسبب انحناء الفرشة ممكن تستخدمونها كذا استخدام على الرموش من داخل و الخارج و طرف الاعلى بالفرشة حتى تفرقون الرموش علشان ما تتلزق .

السبب الثاني تعطي طول و لون اسود يحدد العين ، و يرفع الرموش فوق كانكم لافين الرموش . و لكن لا تعطي كثافة .

مو ضد الماء ولكن ثابتة ، و سهل ازالتها باي مزيل المكياج .

اهيا لو تعطي كثافة اكثر جان عطيتها ١٠/١٠ بس بعطيها ٩ تستاهل ..

شكرا على القراءة اتمنى ان استفدتو 💞
Alia xo


Humid Proof Makeup

Good Afternoon ,

I have been wanting to make a Fall makeup post , but its way too early for Fall in Kuwait . It is still considered summer , and maybe we have a month to go for hot days to end .
السلام عليكم ،

كنت حابة اتكلم عن كولكشن الخريف و لكن من شدة الحرارة في الكويت و رطوبتها كنت محتاجة اسوي نفس هالبوست . الحرارة اليوم ٤٧ للاسف و الله يبرد علينا و على التلاميذ الي داومو هالاسبوع .
Unluckily , today is going to be the hottest day , and very humid . And when I tried a creme blush yesterday at a department store , it reacted very well with humidity that it turned glowy and dewy , instead of being cakey like blush powders . Kiko cosmetics cheeky colour 03 .
امس جربت بلش كريمي و انا بالمول رجعت البيت والا ويهي حسيت فيه نضارة . طلع البلش الكريمي شكله احسن من البودر بس فتره الرطوبة لانه البودر يذوب و يصير شكله كيك . البلش من كيكو رقم ٣ .

I also use tinted moisterizers , and more light and airier fluids this season , because heavy foundations will melt down for sure . Chanel Les Beiges.
دايما استخدم الفاونديشن الاخف علشان البشرة تتنفس . و الثقيل راح يذوب و كل شي بيخترب مع الحر . انا استخدم شانيل لي بيج و ممكن تستخدمون بي بي ديور بعد خفيف او تنتد لورا مرسيير .
Primers by Smashbox foundation primer oil free but also hydrating is the most important item to keep makeup on for longer periods . It also keeps the skin smoother .
برايمر سماشبوكس جدا ممتاز يرطب و يخلي المكياج اطول .
Waterproof Mascara and eyeliner can also help . They can be melt down sometimes with Kuwait’s heat 46 celsius . But it wont smudge and you wont end up like a raccoon . Bourjois waterproof mascara Volume 1 seconde and K7L Cosmetics black eyeliner in ONYX .
ماسكارا و كحل ضد الماء ، الماسكارا من بورجواه و القلم من كحل ماركة جديدة .
Concealers are also one of those annoying products that melt down easily and much needed . So I recommend Make up For Ever Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream .
It covers , it is waterproof , and has many shades to match skin tones .
كونسيلر ميكب فور افر وايد تكلمت عنها ضد الماي و تغطيتها كامله و بصراحة هالشي محتاجته اكثر شي وقت الرطوبة .

Thank you for reading
Alia xx



Eminence Organic Citrus & Kale serum

Trying each product at a time , and it turned out that after this mask , I should apply this magic serum .
to ensure the longevity of the Vitamin C & E , and to improve the appearance of my skin . This is a fast absorbing serum , not oily at all , and I can feel that it firms the skin .

With Kuwait Climate , we need these products all year , because even on winter days , we are exposed to sunlight in the afternoons . For details please contact @beautylicious_co on Instagram .

سيروم بعد الماسك فيه فيتامين سي و اي .. استخدمته علشان هالفيتامينات اتطول على بشرتي بسبب سرعة انتهاء مده فيتامين سي . بس هذا يخليه يطول و يحسن شكل البشرك و يعطي نضارة ..

Eminence Organic Skin Care Citrus and Kale Mask .
Citrus and Kale Serum

Alia xo



Before and After eye makeup

What I do before and after eye makeup .
1 ) First thing in the morning , I clean my eyes with Vichy eye makeup because some of my waterproof makeup stay till the next day lol , even if I dont have any eye makeup , this cleanses the eyes and face when Im lazy to wash my face .

2) Eucerin eye cream ( water based ) and very light but moisturises my under eye area very well .

3) I am loving Lorac eye makeup primer because its very light and I dont have to smudge this as hard as the MAC paint pot . The MAC paint pot is harder to blend . Then I apply
4- I use the same vichy makeup remover for my eyes to remove my eyemakeup .
5- I apply coconut oil + castor oil on my lashes and brows .






My way of contouring

Do you contour?
I use this technique for the glowing finish look and not for shaping my face because I have an oval face I believe . Follow the arrows to see where the contour should be placed . Blend as much as possible to avoid harsh contour lines .

الاسهم هي اماكن الكونتور و انا اسويها للنضارة مو لتغيير شكل الوجه .. احب هالطريقة لانه احس ويهي يصير شكله طبيعي جنا ماخذه تان من الشمس و بدون ما احرقه :)

I dont think theres any right or wrong with contouring or whatever it is , I do what works for me and loved to share it with you . Thanks 💞💞



20 Facts about me




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