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Foundation base routine for the summer

Hot weather means more pores , more freckles and redness .

My Makeup base steps 

1 Makeup For ever Hydrating primer to hydrate my skin , on top of my day moisturiser.

2- MAX Factor CC corrects redness on top if my cheeks , around nose and chin .

3- Bobbi Brown Tinted eye brightner under eye circles , Around mouth and some dark spots .

4- BareMainerals Complexion rescue all over my face . Its 1 shade darker than my skin to give me a glow .

5 Nars concealer to cover my dark circles and make it look natural , radiant and more awake .

6- Lorac pirefection powder to set and hide pores . Amazing powder @danahsnails Thanks 
خطوات الفاونديشن الي اسويها اول شي برايمر للترطيب ، و مصحح ماكس فاكتر على الاحمرار مثل الخد ، مصحح الاماكن السودا من بوبي براون ، بير مينيرلز على كل الوجه للتغطيه الخفيفة

كونسيلر نارس و بعدين بودر للتثبيت يغطي المسامات ماركة لوراك انصحكم فيه عجيب  ، 

Thanks for reading 

Alia xx



April 2015 favourites

This post is a bit unique , because its only a lip product favourites for April 2015 . Theres no face and skin because I dont want to repeat myself . Im using the same products of March favourites , still loving them .

But what Im loving this month is the shades , combinations and tricks . 

Let me start with the Lip primer by Kiko cosmetics . Its a lip base that makes the lip color more opaque . It does not make the lipstick more long wearing in my opinion as long as the lipstick itself is a long wearing one . 

Love how bright it makes my lipsticks that it makes my lips look perfect . 

Another lip product is By Terry Rose de Baume lip balm is a very deep moisturising product . Just perfect and smells like roses . 

Now its time to show you what was on my lips on April. You will love them , please tell me what you are wearing too . 

The Dior ones are from the Tie Dye collection , they arent very pigmented but perfect for the mornings , fresh and hydrating .

Nars Biscayne park is from the lip satin pencil line , its my favourite nude so far .

Nars Audacious in the shade Natalie is a coral lip shade , long wearing and so pigmented . This color does not need a lip base . 

MAC relentlessly red and Ravishing are my favourite spring shades . Love them .

Now its time for lipliners 

So the names as you can see are in the photo , my favourite is MAC Fruit cocktail . I apply it with MAC Ravishing ( lipstick )

I use K7l cosmetics in the shade Rose with the Nars Biscayne Park . Or sometimes alone with a lip balm .

MAC Boldly bare is with every nude lipstick . 

The Makeup forever 16C is with my Fushia Utopia to make the lipstick more opaque . 

So thats it with April 

Thanks for reading 



Turqoise eyeliners


Blue eyeliners are some of my favourites but indigo shades is what I love for myself . Since its spring already I am being adventerous with turqoise and bright shades . 

These blues look great on brown eyes because they make brown eyes pop , they also add an exotic look .

I prefer turqoise that has a greener side than bluer ones . So i have swatches of my favourites eyeliners .


Dont  you miss summer days already? I need a tan in order I rock this shade :(

I already applied a self tanner hopefully ill get warmer tomorrow morning .

Whats your  bright eyeliner color preference?


Thanks for reading xx



Shaheed Park

One if the things we lack in Kuwait are the parks . We are physically inactive due to the warm climate . So when I saw the Snapchat of a friend @AnsamsKitchen of this Park . I wanted to visit it as soon as I am done with cleaning up home .

I went there for a short tour , And was impressed with the beautiful flowers , Modern chairs , Cactuses and the walkathon . I havent seen the details yet of the park . But the theme is about the martyrs of Kuwait . Shaheed means Martyr , and Martyrs were killed in 1990 during the invasion of Iraq . 

Every detail has a meaning , The fossils in the walking areas , the birds and many more I promise ill post about it later .

It was a lovely evening yesterday , I had sandwiches , fruits and water for the kids for a mini picnic but I made sure I took all leftovers with me so I wont make any damages into the beautiful plants . 

Its one of the most beautiful locations in Kuwait right now , And I wish they can have more of these parks in the future . 

Love exploring my lovely home , Kuwait 

Thanks for reading 

Alia xx    



How to apply a mask my way! 

Clarins Masque Creme Anti Soif is a creamy based mask that hydrates the dehydrated skin . So I am pretty sure this mask is for every skin type because oily skin can get dehydrated sometimes . I highly recommend this for everyone , especially frequent flyers , or ladies living in very cold climate locations because I use this more often on winter and less on summer days . 

السلام عليكم 

انا استخدم ماسك كلارنز تقريبا بالاسبوع مرتين و مرات اكثر . هالماسك مو بس للبشرة الجافة .. بعد للبشرة العطشانه معناته حتى البشرة الدهنية ممكن تستخدمه .  

Ofcourse you can use your own mask , the post is about how I use my face mask my way . So I usually use a face scrub before I use this mask but If I want to use the mask after couple of days after scrubbing , then I dont scrub again . I only cleanse my skin then apply it .

بس الموضوع شلون استخدم الماسك .. انا استخدم سنفرة مره بالاسبوع للتنظيف العميق و بعدين احط هالماسك .. و اذا بستخدمه عقب هالروتين بيومين بس اغسل ويهي ما استخدم سنفرة .. لانه مو زين وايد .. بس هالماسك وايد زين و عادي يوم و ترك تستخدمونه ما يضر .. 

المهم اخليه ربع ساعة و لما اخلص اخلي الحمام كله بخار من الماء الحار لانه وايد زين . و احط ماي شوي في اليد و اسوي مساج في بشرتي و رقبتي .. خلو الماسك لا تشيلونه انا بس احط ماء عليه و اسوي مساج و الكريم الي فيه يرطب اكثر مع المساج حق ٥ دقايق تقريبا . و بعدينً اغسل ويهي و اشيل الماسك . احط سيروم و كريم . الحركة هذي تعطي البشرة نضاره و تحرك الدورة الدموية و تتنظف اكثر لانه المساج ينظف المسامات و يطلع الدهون من داخلها . 

و اذا جربتوها قولولي و بشروني عن النتيجة .

I keep this for 15 minutes with a clean face , then I open hot water for a little steam in the bathroom . When the steam is all over I add few drops of water into my hands and message my face using the mask itself and water only . I go on for 5 minutes including my neck . Then after messaging I wash my mask with water , add a serum and a moisturiser . I promise you , you wont need a facial . Scrubbing on a weekly basis will clean your skin , and messaging with the mask will deep cleanse and move the blood circulation . The skin will glow as soon as possible . Trust me people will ask you about your skin routine . 

If you tried the tip , please share your experience on my instagram account or comment below .

Thank you for reading 



My brow tutorial 

This post is all about how I fix my brows on everyday basis . If that does not work with you then I am sorry . 

اتمنى ان استمتعتو باجازة اخر الاسبوع و حبيت اعلمكم عن روتين حواجبي الي شكلها طبيعي . 

First thing Use a brow spoolie to brush your hair brow downwards . Yes just brush them down to see clear gaps of your natural Brows . 

دايما امشط حواجبي لي تحت .. اي تحت لانه اقدر اشوف الفراغات اكثر .


Then Fill the gap with any Brow pencil you have . I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in the shade Soft Brown . I even out my brow shape too . 

استخدم قلم انستازيا علشان اترس الفراغات و اعدل شكل الحراجب لانهم غير عن بعض و بعدين امشطهم الى فوق لما اخلص   

Brush your brows again but this time upwards . Yup please up 👌😜 

Next step , Apply brow powder all over your brow with an angled brush . To set the brow wiz and make them look more natural . I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Medium Brown . 

و بعدين احط بودر الحواجب علشان اثبت القلم الي حطيته و احب شكل البودر لانه شكلي طبيعي اكثر   

Brush your brows again to remove any excess of powder you applied . Then Apply a matte base to correct any mistake on top or under brows . It feels so good to have clean and neat brows than looking like you have tinted ones lol . I use Milani Crayon duo one with matte side and one with shimmery . 

و لما تخلصون من البودر مشطو مرة ثانية و حطو قلم من ميلاني للتصحيح و التعديل فوق و تحت لانه مرات البودر يطلع برة و تقدرون تستخدمون اي كونسيلر . انا احب هالقلم و اكو نفسه من انستازيا . 

After applying the matte side I apply the shimmery one on my brow bone to make my brows bolder . The crayon is so blendable . I use Sigma angled brush to blend the formula . 

الي فيه لمعة لتحت الحواجب علشان الشكل يبرز احلى و اوزع مع الفرشة 

Thanks for reading my post .


شكرا للقراءة و اتمنى ان استفدتو مني    



Dior Tie Dye Collection

Hello , I was shopping the other day at the Grande Avenues , Kuwait . And while I was walking around I passed by Dior Makeup at Harvey Nichols .

The collection was unique , outstanding and fresh . Pinks and pop of colors . The Tie dye look at the blushes were attractive enough to pull me and make me try them lol . Lovely although I didnt try all of the collection but some of the lipsticks were so buttery and felt like tinted balms ( Dior Addict ) .

The blushes swatched great but looked ok on my cheeks . The look was not so special but the packaging was pretty .  The best part of the blush that I love the brush that comes with it . Its the only brush I enjoy when I buy some of thier blush products .

The Eyeshadow palettes look so fresh and just right for spring . One of them has some blue and mint . The other one was nude and metallic type nude .

I also tried the mascara , it is supposed to be a bright turqoise . And the people working there said I was the first to try the testers so I tried it directly into my lashes . The color was not so pigmented but I liked the wand . It curled my lashes so well . The wand was curved , similar to Benefit Roller Lash and Maybelline Lash sensational . 

The glow lip and cheek color , 2 crayon pencils , BB cream and another palette , lip glosses that I didnt try .

I would recommend the Dior Addict lipsticks because they felt so comfortable and you can mix 2 together to create that tie dye effect . 

Whats your favourite? 

Alia xx



Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

You may have seen this on my instagram , and if you haven’t that is  okay  , well this Tinted hydrating gel cream has been one of my favourite picks . I love tinted mousturisers , especially the ones that do hydrate with also Broad Spectrum SPF 30 . I need this type all year because of our climate . Kuwait is always sunny so we need Protection . 

السلام عليكم 

اذا انتو متابعيني بالانستقرام اكيد قاعدين تشوفون هالفاونديشن وايد .. هذا من ماركة بير مينيرلز من فصيلة بي بي كريم و تنتد مويسترايزر يوحد لون البشرة و يرطبها و كذا . و لكن هذا بالتحديد يرطب وايد زين و من المعادن مسوينه مع حماية ٣٠ 

 I like it, can you tell?! This gel cream whatever it is called is a good complexion rescue that gives a pretty airbrushed look . It  makes your skin look super glowy but not greasy in any way and you can build the coverage by applying layers (I usually do 2 on my cheeks and 1 all over my face ) then I tap a very very thin coat of MAC Mineralize powder to set and it looks so natural and glowy. It lasts all day doesn’t break down. I love how it doesn’t ever look like foundation or cakey. Plus this blends easily with any tool you want especially fingers lol . 

حبيت ان يعطي لون و شكل حلو مع ترطيب بدون الشكل المدهن و ممكن تحطون طبقة ثانية علشان تزيدون التغطية . على كل وجهي احط طبقة وحدة بس على خدي احط طبقتين علشان النمش .و تغطيته متوسطة بس الي شكله طبيعي مو قوي كأنه مو حاطين الشي اقدر اشوف النمش بس يوحد البشرة عدل . و نسيت لا اقول بعد احطه ضروري بودر للتثبيت و يقعد وايد ما يروح .. بالليل يبين شوي ان بدا يروح بس ما يسيح . 

The thing is I bought it without really liking it when the lady tested it on me which is weird and I bought it anyway . I have read about it in an article that it looks like skin . So I kept it for Kuwait . And I started using this baby everyday and I really agree with that article on Huffington Post . 

لما جربته اول مرة ما حبيته بالمحل بس خذيته لانه كنت قارية عنه ان شكله طبيعي وايد و انتو اذا متابعيني تعرفون ان احب شكل ميكب الي طبيعي و ما يبين بس عقب لما جربته حبيته وايد . Nordstrom

Unfortunately this is not available yet in Kuwait but you can check to order one . Mine is in the shade Suede # 4 but I am light to medium skin toned so .. choose yours carefully :)

للاسف ما وصل الكويت بس ممكن تطلبونه من موقع امريكي انا درجتي رقم ٤ بس اكيد كل وحده غير . شوفو الصور تحت . 

Photos are below 👇

Thank you for reading

Alia xx 



Brow Tints Reviews ..

Hello , how are you ? 

I have been trying these brow tints ever since I bought them . And let me say that I like them all in a different way . Because I cannot compare them due to the differences of formulas . 

صارلي فترة اجرب هذيله للحواجب و حبيتهم تقريبا نفس الشي بس الميبيلين اقل شوي لانه شفاف 

I use the Benefit Gimme Brow alone or mixed with other brow products, depending on my laziness/desired look.  Its expensive , but I’ve tried the Maybelline  And MAC versions .  Get this one.  The only thing is I think Benefit should come out with a couple more colors.  I use the Light Medium one .

بنيفت للحواجب جل استخدمه بروحه او بعد البودر حسب .. شوي اغلى بس يسوى لانه ثابت بالنسبة حق الماركات الثانية . يبيلهم يطلعون درجات اكثر علشان تناسب الكل هذا عيبهم .

Maybelline Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara

 I actually really like this. But I hate the wand so that’s why I dip my little angled brush into the product on the wand and use it like an eyebrow gel . Its not so pigmented . Very sheer and I do this for very natural brow look . Its ok but its not my favourite :)

مسكارة ميبيلين للحواجب حبيت الجل الي فيه بس فرشتهً تعبانه .. صرت احط فرشتي المائلة و استخدم الجل و احطها على حواجبي 

Tarte amazoniam Clay Brow gel – Its as good as the Benefit . A little less sticky .

This is perfect for the subtle unannounced brows. I didn’t want something that people would notice I am always looking for something that would be for every day look that is Nothing Dramatic . Im sorry to all those heavy makeup fans . Im not that type so I cant help . 

حبيت مسكارة تارت لانها طبيعية جدا بس مرة الياية بشتري لون اغمج اعتقد خذيت لون وايد فاتح للشقر .. بس جدا جميله و تعطي لوك ما يبين يناسب للاستخدام اليومي .. و اقل لزقة من بنيفت يعني ما نحس ان دبق . 

Thank you for reading 

Alia xx  



Skin Care favourites March 2015

Part of my favourites were a haul of my U.S Trip , and some were already my previous stuff I had . 

But let me tell you something , for those lazy days when Im mot into washing up my face . I have been using Vichy Cream . It is a huge tube but lasts you forever . Which is even better . 

 الاشياء المفضلة للبشرة لشهر مارس ٢٠١٥ 

  it can be also a makeup remover . Love how gentle it is on my skin .

غسول كريمي و مزيل المكياج فيشي وايد زين للبشرة الحساسة و الجافة

 Institut Esthederm Intensif Hyaluronic serum , keeps skin hydrated all day . Also keeps the moisturiser even better .سيروم استيدرم ممتاز و اي وحده بشرتها جافة لازم تاخذه اهوا و كريم الي معاه 

Caudalie Vinosource eye cream is a good and mild . A very light formula but an effective one . I also love this before concealer . As it prevents the cakey eye look .كريم العين من ماركة كودليه خفيفة بس ترطيبها زين 

Origins Clean Energy Oil cleanser is a good face cleanser . It is supposed to clean up the face through a face message then can be washed with just water . It becomes a bit foamy when I add water . Origins gave me a gift of High Potency Noght cream after purchasing lots of products . Its very kind of them to do so . اوريجينز غسول زيتي و كريم الليل و سنفرة الوجه كلهم زينين و هالماركة وايد تونس حبيتها

I also loved thier Facial Scrub Modern Friction . It scrubs the skin so well that I regret not buying one more tube of that .

Fresh Black Tea Mask is a cooling type Mask , but then the coolness slows down and the skin tightens and the magic works . My skin feels so soft after this specific mask . So hydrating and such a great treatment . فرش ماسك الشاي الاسود اول شي بارد و بعدين احس بشعور شد الجلد بس صج ينعم البشره 

Yes To Bluesberries facial cream is natural brand , and very light . Love using this for early mornings . This feels so fresh .يس تو ماركة جديدة امريكية و طبيعية حبيتها لانها خفيفة حق كل بوم الصبح بس ما فيها حماية للاسف 

Read the previous SF trip guide , and Good Night

Thank you for reading 

Alia xx


Love the store , the Staff were helpful :) 



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