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San Francisco’s Trip

It was exhausting to fly to the US . It was also the fear of that 15 hour route from Abu Dhabi to San Francisco that I couldnt calm down . As soon as I entered the airplane , I watched the route and it was going up on top of Russia then passes through the North Pole , then Canada and Finally California . 

I was nervous but it was a short cut , Usually it could be 18 hours but with Etihad Airways , It was only 15 hours . I slept for 3 hours on board , Watched movies and I still had 8 hours to go .

It was a never ending route , but the jet was so comfortable . And the city was worth it , I loved it .



So I hope you enjoyed the photos..

We stayed in a hotel located at the Union Square , where all the department store around us . It was exciting , That I didnt know where to go at first .. But it was Macy’s at first then started walking there for a good discovery . I popped into so many cute and local cafes and pharmacies , CVS and Walgreens .

It is a busy , european style city , a very similar to Boston but more crowded , people were friendly  . The streets were either going up or down . It isnt flat but was happy to see thier homes . A unique city that I totally understand why people love it so much . It has a character , history , shopping and fun rides ..

Let me list places ..

- Union Square

- Lombard Street to see the strangest zigzag street ever

- Fisherman’s Wharf – fun , restaurants with sea food and chocolate shops , souvenirs .

- Ghirardelli Square – So yummy loved thier hot chocolate 

- The cable car for a fun ride 

- The Big Bus is hop on and hop off ride to San Francisco , it took me to the magical ” Golden Gate ” which has a beautiful view of the city .

- Alcatraz jail , I didnt go there but I saw it from a distance at the Fisherman’s Wharf . It was the same jail from ” The Rock ” movie .

What I loved there ..

- Godiva Ice creams 

- Chocolates from the Chocolate Heaven

- Ben and Jerry’s Sea Salt Caramal blondie ice cream

- Sweet Tout – not sure of the name but they had great Macarons 




Whats more ?

The makeup there was always sold out , I didnt care . All I cared about is enjoying my time , taking me time and a big mommy break away from home .

Thank you for reading



Rediscovery of my hidden drugstore products

Good afternoon everyone , hope everyone is warm and in good shape . Its been a very busy week . The viruses are all over my family and I could not review makeup much .
اهلين و سوري انشغلت كله من الفيروسات الي قاعده تطلع لنا من الجو
Stand storms , dust and bad weather conditions lead to viruses in Kuwait .

Anyway – It has been a rediscovery week of beauty products . I have so many stuff that need attention and reviews . I dont know if you have Bourjois and Isadora in your place ? But we do have the brands here in Kuwait .

المهم خل اقولكم عن الاشياء الي بالدرج ناسيتهم اشهر و الحين هبيت فيهم لانه طلعو حلوين و زينين .
I used to use a Smashbox primer that is oil free but hydrates the skin . Its finally emptied and have been waiting for Makeup for ever primers to launch in Kuwait , meanwhile I rediscovered my Bourjois face primer Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer . I didnt like it at first but then I applied more of this everyday before my Nars Tinted moisturiser and it gave me this dewy look . And one day I forgot using it and was in a hurry . Yikes my skin felt dull and boring without it . You would see the difference when you use stuff and get used to them then when you don’t , a slap in the face comes lol . Yes its an illuminating and hydrating primer and also budget friendly .
بورجواه برايمر يرطب و فيه اضاءة و جربته اسبوع كامل و بعدين على يوم نسيت لا احطه و لاحظت ان ويهي جدا جاف و ما فيه نضارة .. فرجعت احط منه لانه فعلا زين مع المكياج .
I have always loved from Bourjois the Bronzing Primer as well , but unluckily I have forgotton about this !! It gives a glow to the skin and some hydration . This is ideal for Dry Skin .

برايمر برونزر احطه فوق الفاونديشن يعطي لون طبيعي وايد و زين حق البشرة الجافة و نقدر نثبه بالبودر علشان ما يروح بسرعة
And again another Bourjois product was Color Edition 24h Cream to powder eyeshadow . Its a very natural rose gold taupy shade , but its sheer so it needs another layer to build . I apply on top of it a brown eyeliner and a mauve eyeshadow on the crease . So fresh and eye brightening .

اي شادو كريمي لونه ذهبي مع روز و بنفسحي مادري شنو بس وايد حلو و طبيعي حسافة ما استخدمته من قبل .. كان معلق ما يفتح و سنه كاملة بالدرج لانه ماقدر افتحه .

Max Factor lipstick in the shade Promeganate , The texture is even better than Maybelline color sensational lipsticks . MaxFactor is a sister company of Covergirl and Olay . And its available in the Middle East and Europe . The color is deep pink but not a neon type , but a mauve toned pink . So beautiful and gives a bold lip look .

ماكس فاكتور حمرتهم وردية بومجرينيت اسمها وردية غامجة مخلوطة مع بنفسجي بس البنفسجي الي فيها خفيف .. وايد حلوة مو من الانواع الفاقعة ..

Isadora Concealer Stick 20 Ivory is a blemish concealer pencil , after applying my foundation I apply this into my blemishes and scars then dab it with my finger to smudge it . Then set it with powder.

ايسادورا قلم للحبوب تغطي عدل بس لازم نثبته في بودر ضروري و الا ما يقعد بس يونس عقب ما احط فاونديشن احط على النقط هالقلم و اوزعه في صبعي و بعدين احط بودر .
Caudalie Vinosource Sos eye cream is a very mild eye cream . I dont think it ever helped me with skin care much but I love applying this before concealer . The makeup would look more flawless with an eyecream . Protects skin too .

كودليه كريم العين ناسيته فترة احب شكله مع الكونسيلر يصير احسن من بدونه و يحمي البشره الي تحت العين .

Do you have forgotton makeup? Share with me lol
Thanks for Reading

Alia xx







Creamy shimmery champagne pink eyeshadow

Good afternoon

I wanted to show you my shimmery pink eyeshadows , I like them alone on my lids with an eyeliner , or just a base with brown eyeshadow . They can be used to highlight browbones and the lids too . They look so fresh and brighten up the eyes .
حبيت اوريكم الوان اي شادو كريمي لون وردي على صدفي او قليتر شوي .. اخب هاللون اخس يناسب الكل . له عدة استخدامات و منهم اضاءة او تحت الحواجب او اي شادو بروحه .. كل وحده و كيفها .
My first pinkish creamy eyeshadow was from Chanel , Used to wear it everyday . Chanel Illusion D’ombre in the shade Emerveille . Love how this highlights too but it sometimes creases .
شانيل رقم ٨٢ ما يطول وايد بس لونه حلو
Then I got Nars eyeshadow in the shade Goddes that I prefer applying it under my brow bone . Its very pretty for the lids as well . But very subtle . Its not a long wearing one but it can stay a long time .
نارس قودس حق تحت الحواجب لانه خفيف وايد
Milani Shadow eyes in the shade Champagne toast is a really goood eyeshadow pencil comparing to Nars and Chanel , this stays better , highly pigmented and has a metallic finish . Not glittery .
Its a good duplicate for the Nars , even a better dupe .
ميلاني مقارنة في الايشادو الي فوق وايد اقوى لونه و يطول امثر و يعطي لوك وردي صدفي رقم ٣ شامبين توست
Bobbi Brown Golden pink is one my favourite too and maybe best of all . Its a rose gold shade and looks amazing on the eyelids , this stays a very very long time , and so easy to blend , perfect pigmentation .
بوبي براون قولدن بينك احسنهم لانه يطول حيل و لونه قوي يهبل مع كحل اسود او اي شادو برونزي .. انصحكم فيه او ميلاني زين . احسن من شانيل و نارس .
From all of them I recommend you get Milani or Bobbi brown one .




5 tips to be the Blogger that you want to see

Be a blogger that you want to see in Kuwait , Middle East . Where ever you are , all you need is respect , trust and love .

1- Honesty , because followers will stop following you when you promote for something you dont like . They will waste thier money on a poor product just because you lied and acted that you liked it . Not only share what you love , show them how to use what you love .

2- Don’t name yourself a Fashionista , or act like one . Seriously all Fashionista that call themselves so actually look like Clownistas . And I hate when they call themselves makeup artists when they have bad makeup on .
So be yourself , whoever you are .

3- Blogging is to promote products , review them , show what you have shopped for , wanted , regretting spending money on . Not for showing off what you afford . Its fun when you shop and haul , but how about your experience? Where did you go?
Travel? And where did you dine?

4- Interactions , When people ask you about a product you have , answer them . And yes build a relationship , let them act like your family . They look after you , miss you when your gone . So Be kind and friendly .

5- To be more popular , stop making fun of people . People will laugh , and laugh . But then you will be alone , unfollowed and will lose respect . Sorry but that is true .

Jokes won’t hurt as long as it wont hurt others

Alia xx


Maybelline color sensational swatches

Good morning beautiful ladies , Are you ready for spring? Im not ready yet but my makeup collection is so ready haha .

Days are running so fast and its getting warmer in Kuwait . While other places in the world are still having those snow blizzards .

I hate that I do not know what to wear , very confusing for me . Now I should show you my favourite Maybelline swatches . They are so creamy and pigmented , some of them are sheer but buildable . And to be honest as much as they are creamy but that do not make them hydrating . So apply a lipbalm first :)

So from Left to right

Coral Pearl # 852 a peachy shimmery nude that looks beautiful for everyday look .

Brazen Beige # 732 A matte pinkish nude that is a slight pale on the lips .

Crispy cookie #735 is a honey shimmery sheer lipstick .

Intense Pink # 140 is a light pink shade beautiful with smokey eyes .

And then Neon colors left to right

Pink pop # 900 is a barbie doll pink with a purple undertone .

Coral tonic # 422 is a candy colored coral , matte but creamy .

Neon Red # 916 is an orange based red , highly pigmented with one swipe .

Shocking coral # 910 I think they mean to shock you because this is a pink lipstick with a very little coral in it .

Thanks for reading and enjoy the photos :)

Alia xx







Eye pencils , eyeshadows and tints I swatched

I love swatches , just to test how pigmented they are before buying . But hey I wasnt going to buy any .

I was swatching them for my instagram & Snapchat followers ( imsobeautifulq8)

Bobbi Brown long wearing creamy eyeshadows sticks and Giorgio Armani eye tint were my favourite texture .
Check out the names of Bobbi B shades on my instagram .
They were long lasting but very blendable at first , then dries up and sets . They stay all day!




Then I swatched Dior eye pencils from the Spring 2015 collection . They were creamy and well pigmented , but after 40 minutes , they still can be blendable and smudgy . Im the type that I love creamy but then settles into the lids all day . So im not sure if I like them .

Which ones are your favourite?

Thank you for reading

Alia xx




Urban Decay double ended eyeliners

The last week of December , I was in Abu Dhabi to visit the Ferrari World . And I didnt really have the time to shop because it was not a shopping trip .
اخر اسبوع من شهر ديسمبر كنت في ابو ظبي زائرة عالم الفراري و بصراحة ما كان في وقت اتسوق .. بس شفت سيفورا و دخلته و شفت لي جم شي ..
But fortunately I had the time to visit Sephora , and check it out and see if theres anything I want . The Sephora In Kuwait is a bit weak , the things come very late , the staff have no idea how makeup work . I am sorry but that is a fact!

So I found these eyeliners , last pieces otherwise I would stock up for myself and get extra more for a friend .
و الحمد لله لقيت هذيله الاقلام من زمان ابيهم بس مالي خلق اطلب كان ودي اجربهم شخصيا خفت ان جودتهم مو نفس الاقلام العادية
Naked and Naked 3 eyeliners are supposed to coordinate with the naked 1 and 3 palettes .
خذيت نيكد و نيكد ٣ و المفروض ان نيكد يمشي مع نيكد باليت و رقم ٣ يمشي مع باليت الثالث ..
Naked has Venus and Crave . Venus is a shimmery pearly shade . Crave is a deep matte brown .

Naked 3 has Darkside and Blackheart , Blackheart is a glittery red based black shade , and Darkside is satin purple taupe .
اسماءهم مكتوبه هني بالانجليزي بليز اقرو فوق 👆
I love all the shades but I do not think I will use the glittery one as much as others . Ofcourse they run shorter than regular full size . They have a creamy texture and they do not skip when applied . I am happy that the quality is as good as the full size pencils . And I am so obsessed with Darkside shade I think I will order it in full size .

حبيت اربعتهم بس طبعا الي فيه قليتر ماعتقد اعرف استخدمه .. بس الابيض عجيب لمدمع العين و الاضاءة و تحت الحواجب و نفس القلم فيه لون بني مطفي يهبل لونه قوي و على قولتهم جبار 😂

القلم الثاني فيه قليتر اسود على محومر .. و الجهة الثانية بنفسجي يهبل حبيته

جودتهم ممتازة ما يقطعون لما احطهم على عيني ، و ناعمين نفس الاقلام الكبيرة العادية و يطولون والله … قاعدة افكر اخمطهم كلهم 😩💔 على فكرة في امريكا ارخص ينباعون ب ٦ دنانير . ما ابي اشيشكم بس هذا الصج يعني تقدرون تخمطون 👏👏
Thanks for reading , please like and comment if you like the post .

Alia xx




Make up of the day!

Its been a while since I had full makeup on , its cold in Kuwait and I have been hibernating just like a bear . lol

And Im not even planning to go out today but I applied makeup , a full make up look .

I had to share my makeup ideas on Instagram and Snapchat ( Imsobeautifulq8 ) both have the same username .

One thing , I really love mixing vitamin E oil with L’oreal True Match foundation . My skin is so dry !! With this painting palette I took from a stationery .

I also mixed my concealer MAC Mineralize with MUFE Lift concealer to illuminate and brighten the eyes .

After sharing everything , got tired and had some black tea that I cannot live without .

Fancying my tea glass cup , its so pretty !!

Alia xx







Tanya Burr lipglosses

Hello , I only have 5 shades of the Tanya Burr Lipglosses , so I wanted to swatch them for you . My favourites are Picnic in the park and Afternoon Tea .

هذيله قلوسات تانيا بر بلوقر بريطانية سوت ماركة للقلوس لها تبيعهم بالصيدليات في لندن و اذا ماني غلطانه كل بريطانيا و عندها بعد اصباغ اظافر . عندي بس ٥ الوان مو اكثر . ترا مادري اذا موجودين بالكويت او لا هذيله من لندن .

They are comfortable , smell great and look lovely on the lips . Thier shades arent too pigmented but they are pretty for everyday and handy for morning makeup . They are not the type of those long wearing and dry type . Just a classic gloss type . Smile , Dream , Sparkle is the only sheer shade out of these 5 shades . They are also not sticky at all , I think they stay longer when you apply a lip liner first all over your lips .

مريحين و ريحتهم حلوه بس مو من النوع الي يطولون و اتمنى انكم تستمتعون قراءة هذا البوست شكرا

Hope you enjoy the swatches xx Alia



Concealers and More!

A fact : Did you know that Peachy concealers are for dark circles , Green concealers are for red spots and yellow ones to uneven skin tone?

حقيقة : تدرون ان الكونسيلر المشمشي للبقع الداكنة و الاخضر للبقع الحمراء و الاصفر للبشرة الغير متساوية باللون؟

Concealers that I use everyday! Nars Radiant concealer , MAC mineralize , Maybelline Fit me concealer are my quick and easy concealers , the most creamiest textured ones ever .
Maybelline Fit concealer is a great duplicate , but less long lasting , love this for touch ups and highlighting . Check previous post please :)
. كونسيلراتي اليومية نارس ، ماك المعدني و ميبيلين فت مي كريميين و عجيبين حق كل يوم يهبلون و سهلين بالدمج يبيلهم بس اسفنجة او فرشة او بالصبع ..
الميبياين ارخص وايد بس طبعا ما يطول كثرهم بس مفيد والله و ممكن يثبت مع بودر .. بس كريمي حده يهبل و ممكن تاخذون الوان منه غامجة للكونتور … ذبحنا الكونتور صرنا كلنا نتكنتر لول 😂 المهم هذا بدل او توأم لهم رخيص 😉


Highlighters are my favourite part of applying makeup , because of the sun light reflection or just light . I love how radiant my skin becomes after applyig them. I mix them with my concealers on the cheekbones ,nose and brow bones .

L’oreal Lumi , Physicians Formula BB concealer , Bourjois 123 CC concealer , MAC prep and prime highlighter .
L’oreal Lumi is the best of all :) a great duplicate and more affordable .
كونسيلر المضيء ممتاز للكونتور و للتفتيح اسماءهم فوق بالانجليزي و هذا اذا انا مستعيله كلش استخ دمه لانه فيه تغطيه مع اضاءة و يوفر لي الوقت .. على الخشم و للحواجب و برة الشفايف علشان تبرز الحمره


Concealer setting and finishing powders are the way to go . They prolong , brighten and illuminate the concealer under the eye .

Bare minerals Well rested , Guerlain Meteorites loose powders .
You can use any powder though but these are a good way set and illuminate eyes .
بودرات للتثبيت البودر يفتح و يثبت و يعطي نضاره لتحت العين .
القرلان فيه ريحة حلوة بس الي بشرتها حساسة لا تاخذه و هذا حجم صغير منه علشان اجربه خذيته من مطار نسيت ايهو .. وايد عادي للوجه بس حلو لتحت العين لانه بير مينيرلز شكله جاف مرات اخلطهم علشان استفيد من الاثنين .


Concealer palettes are the best way for travels , mix shades and also contour with them . They are worth buying and easy to use and cover spots with many options . MAC concealer palette and Kryolan concealer palette . You have to choose what suits your skintone . Kryolan though is very heavy so try to use it with a wet brush to dilute it and set it with powder . MAC is a bit light weight than Kryolan but still as great . They both have high coverage .

باليتات الكونسيلر يعطون خيارات اكثر لتغطية البقع و المشاكل و اسهل للسفر و لكن … كريولان حيل دسم و ما انصح الي بشرتها دهنية تحطه و ماك شوي اخف بس اثنينهم تغطية كامله و يهبلون .. احب الغامجين للكونتور بعد و هالباليتات زينه للسفر


Concealer brushes are the most effective tools , otherwise you will be wasting products , all you need is a setting brush for powder , Concealer brush and a thin concealer brush to apply outside the lips and brows .


تحتاجون فرشة ضعيفة حق خارج الشفايف او الحواجب ، و فرشة للكونسيلر مائلة من سيقما و للتثبيت مع البودر من ريل تكنيكس

شكرا على القراءة و الثقة
Thank you for reading ladies

Alia xx


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