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Closer to your lip shade lipsticks



My very natural lipsticks that looks so close to the color of my lips , or anyone else’s lips . Great for everyday , creamy and with great quality .
Top Milani in Pretty Natural ( a brownish pink )
Botton Urban Decay in Naked ( pink nude )

اسماءهم فوق و الوانهم قريبة من لون الشفاة و حلوين حق كل يوم ، اثنينهم ترطيبهم حلو ما ينشفون .

Alia xo


Too Faced Peach Beach blush

My Too Faced Peach Beach blush . I think its more than a nude peach than its coral peach on my skin . I love this blush so much but if you think its too pale then you should get the other shades . I use this with a tiny brush to pick one color at a time or a blush brush to mix all trio and apply it . This is great for everyday because its so natural . Its going to look peachy on fair to medium skin but will look pale for medium to dark or will look like a highlighter . It is sheer yet gives a good peachy glow on my skin . This blush has three different colors but connected in a way . They all had peach undertones including the pink shade in the middle . Left reminds me of soft and gentle , middle is peachy pink and the third one is coppery or bronzed peachy blush . This is great with a bronzed look for the summer . Cant wait to have a tan .
I am using Real techniques brushes .

Alia xo

هالبلش صاير بيج مع مشمشي و لازم تجربونه قبل لانه على البعض راح يكون فاتح و ما يبين و يستخدم كإضاءة على البشرة السمراء . انا احبه لانه يعطي لون طبيعي مشمشي مع بيج حلو حق كل يوم مع اني ماحب وايد لمعة بس هذا حسيته غير . استخدمه مع فرشة صغيره اذا بحتار لون واحد و الكبيره اذا بخلطهم مع بعض . البلش فيه ٣ الوان كلهم رايحين على مشمشي و الي بالوسط وردي مخلوط و الباقي مع ذهبي و نحاسي .

انا ادري حطيت مره عنه بس مع استخدامي له حبيت اوضح اكثر عنه .



My wedding ring was stuck


My diamond wedding ring 2 months ago was so stuck that my finger was swollen and red . Not only that , I had to have my baby later ( was pregnant ) so I really needed to remove it .

I tried Argan oils , soap and any oil in my drawer and kitchen . Coconut and olive oils but with no luck I had to leave it alone . The time I was in labour , I was asked to remove it but I told them it was stuck and its too late . I know!! haha .

I had to wait for two weeks just to lose the water I gained when I was pregnant and finally , Today I applied Vaseline and it slipped out . The moment it went off , You couldnt imagine how red , and swollen my finger was . I also had dried skin around it . My finger was shaking , I guess it was trying to breathe and circulate the blood .

Have any of you experienced this?

Alia XO


Green under my eyes

Loving this look , Although I am not going out anywhere . I am just rocking this look to test it for you ladies . A green eyeliner and mascara into my lashline and lower lashes are a trend for the summer perhaps . And a golden eyeshadow into the upper lids .

Technakohl liner eyeliner kajal by MAC in Jade Way!
Kiko makeup Milano Super colour mascara 03

And its not a bright green you know , Its just the darker green that looks more classy and elegant .






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Hourglass in Reviera



LOVE this @hourglasscosmetics lipgloss in Reviera . Its a coral shade that as soon as you apply will look glossy but then dries into a matte finish . I had this 2 weeks ago but I didnt try it until today .


Mary lou Manizer



This Mary Lou Manizer highlighter is a finely milled powder to highlight the cheekbones and nose or where ever you need . The shimmer is mild and gives a glow without the glittery look . The swatch isnt really strong because its a pearly white but this looks great when you apply it into the face . This healthy look when you feel you need it . I think I need to meet her sister Cindy Lou Manizer thats a bit peachy . I need to use this more often like how I use my MAC soft and gentle .

I apply this highlighter with my Nars Laguna bronzer.

Enjoy your day ladies!
Alia xoxo
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My MAC look from 3 different collections


The lip patentpolish pencil is beautiful , creamy and glossy . Its a creamy lipstick like any lipstick you have . But it doesnt have a lasting powder . Apply this and drink coffee and its gone . The shade I have is Go fir girlie .

The blush Is from the Fantasy of flowers collection in Petal power . A beautiful peachy pink blush and has a sheen finished look on the cheeks . Its so pretty!

The BB compact is light and easy to use . I love that its suitable for the mornings . Not bad but I wouldnt purchase it again .

Have a great day!


Nars new contouring kit and brushes

Falling in love with my Nars brushes , the bronzer brush gives a natural looking bronzed look and the small contouring brush is amazing for the nose . It narrows flat noses .

Will show you my bronzers side by side comparing it to Laguna bronzer . Laguna is lighter than Paloma and has more shimmer that Paloma . Paloma is a shade darker . They are actually made for medium skin although I am fair but I feel that I need a rich bronzed look since I am feeling pale during my postpartum days!

Love both of them but Laguna has always been my favourite bronzer .





3 top bases

3 top bases

Nars cosmetic
$48 -

Matte foundation


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