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Eminence Organic Citrus & Kale serum

Trying each product at a time , and it turned out that after this mask , I should apply this magic serum .
to ensure the longevity of the Vitamin C & E , and to improve the appearance of my skin . This is a fast absorbing serum , not oily at all , and I can feel that it firms the skin .

With Kuwait Climate , we need these products all year , because even on winter days , we are exposed to sunlight in the afternoons . For details please contact @beautylicious_co on Instagram .

سيروم بعد الماسك فيه فيتامين سي و اي .. استخدمته علشان هالفيتامينات اتطول على بشرتي بسبب سرعة انتهاء مده فيتامين سي . بس هذا يخليه يطول و يحسن شكل البشرك و يعطي نضارة ..

Eminence Organic Skin Care Citrus and Kale Mask .
Citrus and Kale Serum

Alia xo



Before and After eye makeup

What I do before and after eye makeup .
1 ) First thing in the morning , I clean my eyes with Vichy eye makeup because some of my waterproof makeup stay till the next day lol , even if I dont have any eye makeup , this cleanses the eyes and face when Im lazy to wash my face .

2) Eucerin eye cream ( water based ) and very light but moisturises my under eye area very well .

3) I am loving Lorac eye makeup primer because its very light and I dont have to smudge this as hard as the MAC paint pot . The MAC paint pot is harder to blend . Then I apply
4- I use the same vichy makeup remover for my eyes to remove my eyemakeup .
5- I apply coconut oil + castor oil on my lashes and brows .






My way of contouring

Do you contour?
I use this technique for the glowing finish look and not for shaping my face because I have an oval face I believe . Follow the arrows to see where the contour should be placed . Blend as much as possible to avoid harsh contour lines .

الاسهم هي اماكن الكونتور و انا اسويها للنضارة مو لتغيير شكل الوجه .. احب هالطريقة لانه احس ويهي يصير شكله طبيعي جنا ماخذه تان من الشمس و بدون ما احرقه :)

I dont think theres any right or wrong with contouring or whatever it is , I do what works for me and loved to share it with you . Thanks 💞💞



20 Facts about me




Eminence Organic Skin Care Face Mask

Its called Citrus & Kale Potent C & E Masque . And it looks like one of those Kale Smoothies that everyone had been drinking for a detox . Except that its a bit Slimey , and crumbly a bit . I did not know that Kale is good for the skin until I recieved it by Beautylicious Company in Kuwait . And this brand is a Spa Brand , which means its sold only at a spa .

This product has grapfruit & lemon that give us the Vitamin C , Avocado and Avocado oils for Vitamin E , and some green vegs ( Kale , Brocolli and Spinach ) for antioxidants .

Like I read in Vitamin C & E should be together so Vitamin C can stay longer on the skin .

I didnt know that Vitamin C helps the skin to glow until Rita Lee from told me as I have noticed that this mask gave me a glow . I thought it was the green veggies that make me glow lol .

So , Let me write down my experience , I wasn’t excited about this product at first and it was a reaction because of the color & texture of it and the Kale idea . But I did it anyway . I applied this on my face for 10 minutes and this felt so soft and gentle on my skin , and then it felt tight gradually , and hard that I thought I would find a difficulty removing this . As mentioned , I used a wet towel to remove it and it was easily removed Thank God!! My face was red but in few minutes it was glowing , smooth and hydrated . I liked the scent as it was citrusy and I can feel the vegetable smell but it isnt strong , at least its real and not scented .

This helps the skin reduce lines and wrinkles . I have used it few times and I dont think that period is enough to notice any line reduction , plus I dont have much lines . But its also a brightening mask , and hydrating . It is for all skin types . I really like how my face was glowing and hydrated . So I really recommend the product.

Thank you for reading
Alia xo

هذا الماسك يحتوي على فيتامين سي و اي و مواد ضد الاكسده و لما جربته عطاني نضارة و ترطيب .. هالفيتامينات لازم تكون مع بعض علشان فيتامين سي يطول على البشرة و التجاعيد تقل .

يحتوي على الليمون و الافوكادو و البروكولي و الكيل ماعرف اسمه بالعربي اسفة . و لكن هذي الماركة عضوية و انصحكم فيها .




Balm Voyage Palette by the balm



The Balm has the most beautiful eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes . And the balm voyage is so beautiful , has a buttery texture , perfect color combinations and we can make a variety of makeup looks .

I used B2 on the lids , C2 on the crease then blended a little of C3 on the crease as a transitional color .

I also used C2 on the lower lash line to complete the teal look . C1 on the inner corners . Finally , A lancome black eyeliner to complete the look .

Hope you like it .

Alia xo


Arabian eye makeup Face Chart




This is going to be my first ever post that has a makeup look that I created . And its not on my face , its on an eye chart .

I have used the Smoked Palette , and Rockstar was the star of the palette so I used because an Arabian looks are a bit adventurous , risky and purple is the way to do so . I used it on the lids , then mixed rockstar and blackout to line the upper and lower lash line . Then I applied Lancome Plume liner in Noir 01 .

Its a dramatic , its fun , just use your imagination on applying arabian looks .

This will be awesome on everyone as it makes eye colors pop .

اليوم استخدمت مكياج العربي و سموكد باليت كان اهوا المناسب لهذا اللوك .. خذيت لون روكستار البنفسجي على الجفن و بعدين خلطت روكستار مع الاسود للتحديد من فوق و تحت . و من فوق استخدمت لون البيج فري ستايل علشان اخفف لون البنفسجي فوق الجفن . و اخر شي كحل لانكوم الاسود السائل فوق و تحت لانه لوك العربي لازم الكحل الثقيل و الرموش الكثيفة .

البنفسجي اخترته لانه حلو للمكياج العربي يخلي العين افتح و مناسب للكل ..و بس .

اتمنى حبيتو اللوك شكرا ..

Thank you for reading

Alia xo


Babies and Children products I use on my own


Hello ,

This post is for mummies , or aunties that are taking care of babies and children . And even grandmothers .
I am so addicted to skincare products , when I shop at the coop , I almost forget my Trolley or basket and just dig in on baby stuff and new arrivals . I am also shopping at pharmacies and Sultan Center .
هذا بوست للبيبي و الاطفال و عنايتهم للبشرة و اشتري الاغراض من الجمعية ، مركز سلطان و صيدليات
Out of these products , I am in love with Bioderma Photoderm Kid SPF 50 + spray for children . This is a quick way to spray on your children before they leave home into the face or at any exposed skin . And yes kids can get burns , and can have pigmentations because of our hot climate . And its not fun teaching kids to sun tan . Its not safe , and it might affect thier health later .
راح اكتب عن الاشياء الي حبيتها بس و منهم البيودرما حماية من الشمس للاطفال وايد سهل و سريع استخدامه انرشه على الوجه و الجسم علشان نحميهم من التصبغات و الامراض الجلدية الخطيره .

Bioderma irritations around the mouth repair cream helps soothe dry areas around the mouth . When a child is sick , I apply this around nose and mouth and the redness will be soothed down in couple of days .

كريم بيودرما لحول الفم عند مرض الطفل بشرته حول الفم و الانف تصير حمراء و هذا يساعد للتخفيف خلال يومين . ممتاز و انصح فيه .

Sudocream , ideal use for home or away to soothe the diaper areas . There are sold at Mothercare in another package , mine is from london brought by a cousin .

كريم لاماكن الحفاظات للاحمرار ممتاز للبيت او الخروج من البيت و مافي منه بالكويت بس اكو نفس الماركة بعلبة ثانية موجودة في الجمعيات .

Johnsons baby bedtime bath is a shower gel that has a beautiful smell for babies and kids . It claims that it helps baby to sleep . It doesnt but it relaxes babies a lot . I personally use this for myself and baby just because of the smell . Been using this for ten years!
جونسن البنفسجي شاور جل ريحته حلو ترخي الاطفال و يخليهم يرتاحون بس ما ينوم .. انا استخدمه لانه ريحته حلوه و بصراحة ما احب غير جونسون .

Mustela skin freshener is a liquid that I use before I go out with my toddler , I use it on her hands to soften and gives her a baby scent . I dont prefer using perfumes for kids but this is a safe brand . I also use this when a baby vomits when we are on the go and after washing out his hands with water and soap , I use this for his hands and neck area so he can feel fresher . Love this .

مستلا سائل مرطب و معطر للاطفال عند الزياره او اذا توسخو اغسلهم بالماي و الصابون و بعدين ارشه على اليد حتى يحس بالانتعاش و النظافة .

Nivea Baby lotion is great after baby and kids bath . It really hydrates the skin .

كريم نيفيا للاطفال مرطب لبعد الاستحمام

Thanks for reading
Alia xo


Dior It Lash and L’oreal Manga mega Volume




Hello , First thing I wanted to compare these mascaras . Both are purples but the L’oreal Manga Mega Volume is a Black based Purple , and Dior is more of a vibrant purple . But what surprised me when I applied Dior Mascara that the purple isnt as opaque on my lashes as it shows on the wand . One must apply the serum first to apply it .
I only liked it for the lower lash , because I usually apply purple eyeliners beneath so it looks ok . But it wont look pretty on the top lashes . It felt weird . I dont recommend this mascara as its expensive and the color isnt impressive . The application felt painful , not comfortable , and hard to curl my lash with it .
السلام عليكم حبيت اقارن لكم الماسكارات من ديور و لريال بس حبيت اقولكم ان ديور ما تسوى لا لون و استخدام مؤلم و مو مريحة .. و الي يحر ان غالية .. البنفسجي لونها بنفسجي من غير شي و لكن على الرموش ماتبين درجتها و بعدين لازم انحط سيروم علشان تبين .
The L’oreal Mascara can be applied on top and bottom lashes because of the black based shade . It will look like a black mascara with a hint of purple . Its so pretty and suitable for those not fans of taking adventures with makeup .
لوريال بنفسجيها رايح على سواد و حلو اذا نحطها فوق و تحت من بعيد شكلها اسود و من قريب يبين لون البنفسجي و شكله راقي و مرتب مناسب حق الي تخاف من الالوان الفاقعة ..
Both can be flaky , But I would recommend the Manga mascara , loved it because if the staying power , the purple shade , the wand and the volume it gave my lashes .
اثنينهم يتفتفتون على الخد ولكن انصح في لوريال البنفسجيه لانه تعطي كثافة ، و تطول اكثر جربتها مع الحر و الرطوبة حبيت لونها .. حتى فرشتها تونس

Thank you for reading

Alia xo


Summer essentials





Summer is the season when makeup is so bright , fresh and colorful . But melted makeup is the only part I dont like during summer .

بالصيف المكياج كله يشوق ، التان ، الالوان تتنوع ، البلشرات تهبل بس الشي الي ماحبه بالصيف ان المكياج بسرعة يروح من الحرارة ، و الكحل يسيح و الحمرة تذوب .

So I will post some of the summer essentials to solve our issues and I hope this helps.

واليوم البوست كله عن الاشياء لحل مشكلة المكياج بالصيف ..

Bronzer powder is an essential , everyone looks better with a bronzer , and it sets makeup . Lorac Tantalizer bronzing duo .

البرونزر البودر مهم للصيف لتثبيت المكياج و الكل يصير احلى مع لون تان و برونزي و يطلع حلو مع المكياج .

Face Primer preps your skin and keeps your makeup on for a long time . So with very hot weather , you will still have makeup on till the night time . Laura Mercier foundation primer – Hydrating

برايمر للوجه يرطب و يصبت المكياج و لكن لازم تختارين الي يناسب بشرتكم .

Light face makeup , From foundation to tinted moisterizer is the way to go .
Lancome Multi lift tinted mousturiser
فاونديشن اخف من العادي وايد احسن من الحر .

Bright blush from BOBBI BROWN in Apricot . Just because everything in summertime is light , try a bright blush to awaken the face .

لانه كل شي خفيف بالصيف ممكن تحطون بلش شوي فاقع يقعد شكلكم و ما يخليه ميت .

Lighter Lips . From heavy lipstick to a sheer , creamy light weight lipstick with SPF . Bourjois Color Boost with SPF 15 .

من حمره ثقيله الى حمرة خفيفة مع حماية وايد احسن من الحمر الثقال بالصيف ..

الي على اقلام يهبلون و موجودين في كل ماركة و بورجواه وايد حلو و يطول و فيه حماية .
Stay proof your eye makeup with an eye shadow makeup from URBAN DECAY . And a waterproof mascara by Bourjois .

برايمر للايشادو و الكحل من اربد ديكي علشان الكحل ما يسيح و ماسكارا ضد الماء .

Thank you for reading

Alia xo


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